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When I started learning how to cook, I was surprised to learn that there was a proper cooking technique for just about everything you could do in the kitchen. I began focusing more seriously on choosing better ingredients and focusing on great preparations, and it was really rewarding to see how much of a difference those simple skills made in my life. Within a few short months, my friends and family members were delighted with the different items that I made for them, and it was really rewarding. Check out this blog for more information on understanding proper cooking techniques.


Mexican Cuisine-Inspired Menu Ideas For Wedding Receptions

14 September 2017
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If you're looking for food ideas that will delight your wedding reception guests, consider a Mexican cuisine-inspired menu. Full of flavor and ranging from mild to spicy, Mexican food offers something for everyone. Another benefit is that you can design the menu to fit any type of budget. You can either choose to have your reception catered by your favorite local Mexican restaurant, or make the menu items yourself. As another option and a way to save both time and money, have just the main courses, such as burritos and enchiladas, professionally catered, and make the appetizers and desserts in your own kitchen. Read More …