3 Ways To Make Authentic Pizza At Home

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3 Ways To Make Authentic Pizza At Home

14 September 2017
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If you love pizza but love its true flavor even more, then you know that a "real" pizza isn't all about how much cheese and toppings you can put on it; it's all about making a savory crust. There are many different techniques attached to pizza that you can try at home. Here are three ways to make more authentic-style pizzas at home that have an amazing crust.

Invest in a classic pizza oven

A pizza oven can be purchased from your local home cooking supply store to help you create beautiful, evenly cooked pizza pies at home. The key in choosing a pizza oven is how it is operated: classic pizza ovens are heated with flame and use a brick stove surface to cook dough to bubbly perfection.

While investing in a brick oven may be out of your budget, you can buy a wood pellet pizza oven that uses small pellets to heat its cooking surface (similar to many backyard grills). You can place this type of oven outside for a backyard cooking tool or keep it in your kitchen for creating amazing pizza whenever you wish.

Remember: when using wood pellets any smoked or scented wood will place the aroma inside your pizza. It's best to use plain wood chips when you are experimenting at first just so you know what your results will taste like. Then you can branch out to more adventurous flavors like smoked hickory wood or apple wood chips for unique flavors.

Use olive oil

Olive oil is often used in creating authentic pizza crust so it has the right crunch and crispy texture. Classic pizza dough is almost like a cracker and less like a soft bread that you often see in restaurants. Drizzle liberal amounts of olive oil to your pizza dough just before it hits the oven, adding savory herbs like basil, rosemary, and large chunks of garlic before adding your other toppings for a decadent meal.

Use toppings sparingly

You may be surprised to find out that "real" pizza is surprisingly bare of toppings. In many classic recipes, simple goat or mozzarella cheese and crushed tomatoes comprise pizza toppings, while the herb-infused crispy crust is the main part of the dish. Keep this in mind as you prepare pizza classics in your new wood pellet or brick oven pizza station so you can create beautiful and truly delicious pizzas every time you cook.