2 Ways To Show Customer Appreciation At Your Hair Salon

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2 Ways To Show Customer Appreciation At Your Hair Salon

5 October 2017
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If you're the owner of a hair salon, you may be interested in offering different things to your clients to show them you appreciate them while making sure their overall experience at your salon is more than just satisfactory. Many people who visit your salon for services will spend hours there receiving different types of hair treatments, so it's genuinely important to make sure they're having a good time while feeling comfortable.

Offer Your Clients Something to Drink

When dying someone's hair or performing another treatment that often takes a bit of time, consider offering your clients something to drink. Instead of just offering bottled water or canned beverages, you can offer coffee, hot chocolate, and hot tea to your clients. Invest in a Keurig and always have a stock of different Keurig pods available so that you can quickly make a single-serve cup of coffee, hot chocolate, or even tea. Aside from having different pods for your clients to choose from, make sure you have sugar and different types of creamers to offer so they can have their beverage of choice made to their liking.

Offering your clients something to drink is a nice gesture. Some of your clients may get thirsty while they're spending hours in your chair, so it's helpful to have something delicious to offer them to drink. It's even better to give the clients the option of choosing what they'd like to have by keeping an impressive selection of Keurig pods stored away.

Hand Out Rewards Cards to Your Clients

Keep your clients coming back by encouraging them to earn different types of rewards at your salon. You could hand out rewards cards and stamp them each time a person comes to the salon so that you're keeping track of how often they visit. Once they've visited at least five times for different services, you may want to offer a special reward to them, such as a major discount on the services they'd normally receive. Most clients are going to want to repeatedly come back so that they can earn rewards that will save them money while allowing them to keep their hair looking beautiful.

Make your customers feel appreciated and comfortable when they're at your salon by offering tasty beverages and providing them with rewards cards they can use to get discounts on services you're offering. These are some of the ways you can build even better relationships with your clients to keep them coming back to your salon when they need to have their hair done.