Tips For Effectively Blogging About Your BBQ Hobby

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Tips For Effectively Blogging About Your BBQ Hobby

14 September 2017
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If you're an avid barbecue enthusiast, you likely enjoy the idea of sharing this hobby with others. One way to do so is to cook for large gatherings at your home, while another approach is to set up a blog in which you can share tips and tricks with others. Empowering others to conquer their grills can be highly rewarding, and you may soon find that you have enough followers and traffic to your blog that you're able to earn some income from this pursuit — which you can then reinvest into better equipment and spend more time grilling and blogging. Here are some tips for blazing a hot trail in the BBQ blogging field.

Be Extremely Specific

It's important to be as specific as possible when you write your recipes and the steps that your readers should follow to prepare their own grilled fare. When you're used to grilling, it's easy to be less than specific when you cook. For example, you might simply be able to tell when a rack of ribs is done by their appearance and texture, but saying something such as, "The ribs are done when they're tender" isn't overly helpful. Instead, provide specific measurables that will help your readers find success on their own grills. Remember, the better success your readers have, the more apt they'll be to follow you and share your content.

Encourage Interaction

Another effective way that you can keep your blog readers happy is to encourage interaction with them. Novice grillers may have trouble, so you should encourage people to contact you with questions. Provide an email address, use the comments section of your blog, and offer social media accounts through which readers can connect with you. Doing so is a way to increase the value of your blog to your readers; those who know that they'll have their questions answered will be more dedicated readers.

Offer Some Video

Although blogging was traditionally about sharing words and photos, more and more blogs today use embedded videos. Although you can explain many barbecuing concepts with words and specific images, shooting short videos that can further add value to your message will help your readers. They'll appreciate seeing a video of how to perform certain tasks, such as rubbing a brisket, for example. Additionally, appearing on video can help your personality to shine through, which can endear yourself to your readers and make them more loyal to your product.

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